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While restrictions and regulations are necessary it is the expectation of the school authorities that each student will himself/ herself come to realize the value of self- control and discipline. Registration at the institute implies agreement on the part of the student to willingly accept and observe reasonable standards of accountability,good conduct and appearance.

These rules and regulations shall have retrospective effect and shall apply to all the students studying in the Pakistan Bedwear Designing & Training Institute irrespective of the year of admission.


It is the responsibility of all students to read and comply with the rules and regulations of the institute.

It is the duty of the student to attend regularly every lecture, studio sessions and examination with punctuality of time.

Application for sick leave exceeding one day must be supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner or from a well known hospital and both must be submitted to the respective teachers and approved by the Principal before the absence that can be recorded as authorized absence in the attendance register.

All students will purchase their own equipment and materials required for course work which the institute is not bound to issue.

The institute authority shall not be held responsible for the safe custody of the private property of students.

Students identification cards must be carried by the students and presented whenever so required by the institute authority. A fine of Rs.200/= shall be
charged for the loss of an identity card and issuance of a duplicate.

Every student shall surrender-his/her Identity card to the institute office before he/she leaves the institute on any account.

Repetition of malafied conduct by any student during his/her course of studies at the institute shall render him/ her liable to expulsion from the institute.

No picnic parties or other functions such as birthdays shall be celebrated in the institute compound without prior approval.

Loitering about in the institute is strictly prohibited.

Silence will be observed at all times in class.

The name of the institute shall not be used in any exhibition or function held outside the institute which has not been initiated by the institute nor permitted by the principal.

No student body/association/ society shall exist or function in the institute without permission of the principal.

No posters, banners, handbills, pamphlets, shall be displayed or distributed in the institute.

No outsider shall enter the institute or address students of the institute except on the invitation of the principal.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises of the institute.

No students shall be allowed to enter the institute 10 minutes before the start of institute time and every student shall leave the institute within 10 minutes of the institute closing time.

Monthly fee must be paid by 10th of every month. A fine of Rs.20/= per day will be charged in case of late payment.

Mobile Phones are strictly not allowed in the Class Rooms.


Every student is expected to apply herself/himself to her/his studies to the best of his/her ability and to fulfil the academic requirements of the institute.

The First three POSITION HOLDERS will be given the opportunity to get 25% to 50% concession on their monthly fees for the next semester.

Failure to take any examination or to submit assignments and problem at the specified time shall be considered as failure in that examination or assignment.

Grant of some concession in the shortage of lectures may be considered by the respective teacher in respect of a student who falls ill and submits a medical certificate during illness. The maximum period for which such a concession may be given shall not exceed two weeks.

No student shall be eligible to appear in the Term/ Examination if his/her total attendance falls short of 85 percent of the total number of lectures delivered in each subject during academic session . Shortage in attendance on any account during the final semester (Prior to commencement of the Final Project (Thesis) as may be scheduled by the institute) shall disqualify a final semester Student from undertaking his/her Final Project (Thesis).

Every student shall be personally responsible for paying the institute dues by the dates notified. If a student fails to pay dues by the last date for payment with fine, his/her name shall be automatically struck off the institute rolls and he/she himself/herself shall be responsible for the shortage of lectures arising from this account. Absence from the institute will not be accepted as excuse for non-payment of dues.

An academic session shall consist of four terms each concluded by a term examination. There shall be no Mid-Term Examination. Every end of the month the concluded test will be given. The Final Examination in all subjects shall cover the courses prescribed for the all four terms.


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